Whatever type of business you run, keeping your establishment comfortable in winter and summer is critical to your company’s success. And that involves hiring the right Metro Atlanta HVAC contractor to help you determine which type of commercial equipment is most suitable for your company’s needs and commissioning that trusted contractor to keep that equipment well-maintained and in good repair throughout the year.

In itself, the value of having a knowledgeable commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning consultant standing by to advise you on the technical aspects of your heating and cooling system is worth a great deal to your business. But, when combined with actual, hands-on service from highly skilled experts, that value increases exponentially.

Commercial HVAC Breakdowns Create Losses

Out-of-commission commercial heating and cooling equipment can cause significant revenue losses as well as losses of other types — often within a very short time. Some of the losses your business could potentially incur follow:

  • Lost sales of goods or on-site services
  • Potential loss of customers
  • Decreased worker productivity due to environmental discomfort
  • Increased possibility of employee illness and workdays lost
  • Spoiled or damaged inventory or supplies
  • Damage to temperature-sensitive equipment
  • Compromised health of hospital or nursing home patients
  • Lost hotel room or hotel suite rentals
  • Potential legal liability for your faulty system’s impact on others
  • Possible fines for non-compliance within your industry

The kinds of losses you sustain will, of course, vary with the type of business you operate and the nature and duration of the equipment breakdown. Yet, all these losses can have a highly negative impact on your company’s profitability and, in some cases, even its sustainability.

Reliable Commercial HVAC Services Make the Difference

Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning can help you keep your business comfortable year-round. Check out the details of the commercial HVAC services we offer, which include commercial heating repair and commercial AC repair. Then give us a call at 678-369-0500 to schedule your company’s next service.

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