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Maintenance Plans: What are They and How Can You Benefit?

At times, keeping your home’s appliances and systems running smoothly can be frustrating because of several problems occurring in quick succession. HVAC maintenance is one of the best ways to limit your risk of malfunctions as you manage home comfort needs throughout the year. However, some homeowners are unaware of this opportunity to optimize their equipment. Others forget to schedule preventive HVAC care while some dismiss the need until something goes wrong. An understanding of maintenance plans may help you to re-evaluate your prioritization of this service in your Chamblee home.

An Overview of HVAC Maintenance

Regular preventive care is important for counteracting normal wear that can occur as the mechanical components of your equipment operate. Moving parts can wear out or break, reducing the efficiency of a system or causing it to cease operation altogether. Refrigerant or gas lines can develop leaks that may affect system performance or even household safety. The first and foremost purpose of a maintenance visit is to thoroughly inspect the equipment for operational issues that could lead to problems in the near future. Additionally, the following areas are evaluated:

  • System controls are checked for proper cycling.
  • Thermostat operation is evaluated for accuracy.
  • Electrical connections are checked and tightened as needed.
  • Moving parts are cleaned and lubricated for proper operation.
  • Gas connections are evaluated and adjusted in heating equipment.
  • Refrigerant lines are checked for proper charge in a heat pump or air conditioner.
  • Heat exchange equipment is cleaned and tested for correct operation.
  • Additional parts are inspected and cleaned as needed to promote efficient operation.

Equipment Benefits of Preventive HVAC Care

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, homes in the South make the greatest use of residential cooling equipment throughout the summer. Additionally, the EIA records that low-income homes are most notable in their use of low-efficiency HVAC solutions. One of the most important benefits of HVAC maintenance plans is the regular attention to your system’s needs prior to peak operating seasons, a significant factor in household energy savings. Preventive maintenance ensures that your equipment operates at its maximum efficiency levels, resulting in better comfort management and lower energy costs, an important factor if you are trying to make ends meet without compromising your family’s comfort and safety. Consider some of the following facts related to poor energy performance in a residential system:

  • Dirty indoor and outdoor coils can result in up to 30 percent greater energy usage in a heat pump or air conditioner.
  • Low refrigerant can add 20 percent or more to the energy demands of heat pumps or air conditioners.
  • HVAC equipment can lose approximately 5 percent in efficiency due to wear and tear.
  • An unmaintained system is at greater risk of breakdowns during peak operating periods.

Service Benefits of a Maintenance Plan

By selecting a HVAC care plan with Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning, you can benefit from year-round support for your heating and cooling equipment. We’ll remind you of the need for service, ensuring you don’t miss important actions needed to enhance home comfort. Additionally, your plan includes a discount for parts and labor if you have a system problem later. We also offer priority scheduling on service calls as we address the needs of those with maintenance plans. Contact our Chamblee office to set up your maintenance plan today.

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