Monthly AC filter changes keep indoor air clean and help your air conditioner to work its cooling magic. Clean filters reduce the potential for AC repair and reduce cooling costs. On the other hand, unpleasant things happen when you don’t change the filters:

Higher Energy Bills

Dirty filters restrict airflow. The obstruction reduces energy efficiency and increases utility bills by making your air conditioner work harder than it should to push cooled air through the blockage in the filter.

Shorter Equipment Life

Because dirty filters overwork your air conditioner, you’ll need AC replacement sooner. In the meantime, you’ll be calling for AC repair to fix the damage caused by dirty filters.

AC Short-cycling

Air conditioners typically cycle off and on over the course of a day. Dirty filters can cause cycling to increase. Short-cycling increases unnecessary wear and tear even more, and you’ll see higher utility bills as a result.

Spotty Cooling

Airflow restriction caused by dirty filters interferes with your air conditioner’s cooling power and decreases indoor comfort. Some rooms are too hot; other rooms are too cold.

AC Freeze-up

If the filter is badly clogged, it can restrict airflow so much that cooled air builds up inside the unit. This reduces the internal temperature of your air conditioner and causes ice to accumulate on the coils.

Unlike many AC problems, dirty filters can be prevented with monthly filter changes. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, changing air filters regularly can improve AC efficiency by up to 15 percent. Your HVAC contractor can provide you with high-quality filters made specially for your system that are more effective than one-size-fits-all filters from a hardware store. To learn more about how AC maintenance can help you save money on cooling costs in your Chamblee, GA, home, visit Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., or call 678-369-0500 for more information about the benefits of a maintenance plan.

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