Are you having problems controlling energy costs in your home? It’s not rocket science, but it can definitely be a hard nut to crack at times. Here is a 6-step plan to help you out:

Step 1: Switch out your system’s air filter.

When your HVAC equipment’s air filter gets clogged, the unit won’t run efficiently. This can cause your system to run longer than it should need to in order to perform the same job. Changing the filter each month will help prevent this.

Step 2: Get an annual tune-up.

Heating and cooling equipment is built to last, but, over time, its effectiveness will decrease. A great way to keep it running smoothly is to hire an HVAC technician to give it a tune-up once a year.

Step 3: Seal your ducts.

Air leakage can account for nearly a third of your home’s energy loss. Sealing these leaks can help reduce much of this loss. You can do this by using either duct sealant or foil tape, not duct tape. If you’re concerned about being able to do this yourself, hire a professional to get the job done right.

Step 4: Install a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat will allow you to schedule your temperature settings and when your HVAC equipment turns on and off each day, giving you better control of your system. For even more control, invest in a “smart” programmable thermostat, which allows you to make changes in your settings with your smartphone or computer when you’re not at home.

Step 5: Install Energy Star equipment.

If you really want to make a dent in your home’s energy costs, you need to use the right equipment. Look for the Energy Star logo as a guide. If you can afford it, consider getting a system that falls under the Most Efficient category.

Step 6: Ensure correct installation.

No matter how efficient your new system might be, if it isn’t properly installed, you’ll never get the full benefit. Work with your HVAC technician to ensure this isn’t an issue.

If you’re in need of further assistance with your air conditioning effectiveness or controlling energy costs, or have other home comfort needs, contact the experts at Ful-Bro Heating & Air Conditioning at 678-369-0500.


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