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Balancing HVAC Installation and Operational Costs

For most Atlanta-area homeowners, heating and cooling equipment represents a significant investment. HVAC accounts for better than 50% of your home’s energy costs, so it’s essential to have equipment that efficiently delivers comfort without driving your energy costs through the roof. Here are a few things to consider when balancing HVAC installation with operational costs.

The Right Size

Correctly sizing your heating and cooling equipment is critical as it directly affects your operational costs. Undersized systems have to work constantly to heat or cool your home because they cannot keep up with the energy demand. Overtaxed equipment leads to frequent breakdowns, increased repair costs, and premature wearing out of your equipment, all of which cause your operational costs to soar.

Oversizing your equipment isn’t good, either. Oversized installations shut off before they provide adequate cooling or heating. Constant on-off cycling also raises your fuel bills and increases the likelihood of repairs resulting from wear and tear.

The Building Envelope

Merely taking into account the square footage of your home when planning for HVAC installation isn’t enough. The number of doors and windows, amount of insulation, the integrity of your ductwork, and sunlight along with shade effects all affect the size of your heating and cooling equipment. They also affect its efficiency after installation. Operational costs will skyrocket if your ductwork has leaks or your roof and walls have little or no insulation.

Lack of Maintenance

After investing in HVAC installation, prudent homeowners want to protect that investment. Lack of maintenance is the No. 1 reason operational costs soar. Protecting your equipment with a maintenance plan is a sensible way to control your costs and ensure continued comfort.

If you need a new furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner, you can count on our NATE-certified technicians to do a quality installation job. For more information, check out the HVAC services we offer at Ful-Bro Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. or call (678) 369-0500.

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