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Duluth, GA AC: 3 Unusual Cooling Smells

Nothing cools you off better on a sweltering summer day in Duluth, GA, than a well-functioning air conditioning system. When everything’s operating properly, the refreshing cool air keeps you comfortable indoors no matter how hot it gets outside. Don’t let disagreeable odors coming from your equipment spoil the experience! Take prompt action if you notice any of these three unusual cooling smells.

A Burning Smell

An air conditioning system that emits a burning odor demands immediate attention. This easily recognizable smell usually indicates a problem with your system’s electrical system. More often than not, a contactor is to blame. The specialized wiring uses electricity to relay signals to your AC system components. When contactors become old and worn, they can burn out. The smell of burning plastic indicates your AC system needs new contactors.

Dusty Odors

After months of disuse in the winter, it’s natural for an AC system to smell a bit musty the first time you use it. Don’t be surprised if the dust and debris that’s settled on the equipment blows into the air. If the odor persists, check the filter. A clogged filter allows impure air to circulate through your system, exacerbating the problem. You’ll breathe easier if you change the filter periodically or whenever it looks dirty. You’ll save money too! Clean filters operate up to 15% more efficiently than those that are clogged.

Something Stinks

Dirty socks? Rotten eggs? Spoiled meat? Biological growth and spores are often the culprits when your AC system smells foul. Cooling systems work by extracting heat from the air and moving it outdoors. Since warm air holds a more significant amount of moisture compared to cooler air, the system extracts liquid too. Problems with the condensate pan or drainage line can create the ideal environment for harmful contaminants. Safeguard your health with a timely repair from a qualified HVAC technician.

Since 1967, Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. have provided fast and efficient AC repairs throughout the local area. Call us today for services you can trust to keep your cooling system operating odor-free!

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