If you’re considering an AC installation, you might be curious about the latest compressor technology. Dual-speed compressors can make your Atlanta, GA home healthier and more comfortable while maximizing energy-efficient system operation.

Two-stage Compression Is Effective

Single-stage compressors are either on or off. They reach the desired thermostat setting and shut down. Dual-stage compressors use energy differently. Rather than turning off when the thermostat setting is achieved, these units can operate at reduced capacity to maintain the preferred temperature. Dual-stage systems cycle on and off infrequently compared to single-stage units, and that makes HVAC operation quieter. Greater indoor comfort is achieved by a consistent output of cool air.

Two-stage Compressors Are Energy-efficient

Air conditioners gobble energy when they power on. Single-stage systems cycle on and off all day, especially if they’re short-cycling. All that energy usage can pump up your electric bills. A dual-speed compressor might run at 100 percent capacity to achieve the desired thermostat setting. Then, it may run at reduced capacity to maintain that setting. The less energy that’s used for cycling, the lower your electric bills will be.

Two-stage Compression Gives You Cleaner Indoor Air

Because dual systems run longer than single-stage systems, they increase air circulation and can improve indoor air quality. Contaminants pass more frequently through the system and are more likely to be trapped by the AC filter. Longer run times also help the unit to better dehumidify your home. A two-stage system can remove twice as much moisture as a one-stage system. Reduced moisture protects your home from dust mites and organic growth that can quickly develop in damp conditions.

If you’re considering an AC installation, call Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. We offer free HVAC system upgrade consultations, and we can help you examine all the options. Call us at (678) 369-0500 to learn more.

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