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The Importance of A Clean Air Filter

One of the simplest aspects of HVAC maintenance in Sandy Springs, GA, can be one of the most important. It can also be the easiest to overlook. Making sure you clean or change your system’s air filter on a regular basis is critical to your health and comfort and also to the proper operation of your HVAC equipment. A dirty or clogged filter can cause decreased airflow through the system, severely diminishing system efficiency and potentially causing damage to your heating and cooling equipment. A quick filter change or cleaning once a month is a small price to pay for better performance, longer system life and a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment. The bottom line is that proper HVAC system maintenance — which includes regular filter changes — offers several advantages that greatly benefit you and your family.

Saves Money

Making sure your system gets the care it needs on a regular basis saves you money on monthly utility costs, repair bills, potential after-hours emergency call charges and premature equipment replacement costs. So, it literally pays to be proactive about changing your HVAC filter regularly.

Increases Comfort

Keeping your system operating more energy efficiently helps keep you and your family more comfortable. By improving your system’s performance and preventing issues such as short-cycling, inadequate humidity control and poor indoor air quality, regular system tune-ups and filter changes deliver more consistent comfort.

Reduces Inconvenience

A clean HVAC air filter combined with regular system tune-ups helps you avoid the inconvenience of having to troubleshoot the issues that poor HVAC maintenance can cause. It also makes it easier to avoid breakdowns at inopportune times and far less likely that you’ll require HVAC service to diagnose avoidable problems.

Protects Your Investment

Keeping your system well-maintained protects your investment by protecting your equipment — an all-around wise move in today’s economy. Keep your system functioning better longer by taking proper care of it.

To learn how Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning can help keep your system performing at its best, check out the many benefits of our convenient HVAC maintenance agreements, or call 678-369-0500 to schedule your tune-up.

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