A heat pump is the ultimate three-in-one device: heater, air conditioner, and dehumidifier. Recent innovations make these energy efficient systems more appealing than ever. For example, new variable speed compressors are capable of running efficiently at partial capacity for better humidity control during Georgia’s steamy summers. A heat pump could be the right upgrade for your Chamblee, GA, home.

Heat Pump Facts

The U.S. Energy Department confirms that a heat pump uses half the electricity of typical furnaces and baseboard heaters. Premium models can effectively heat a home even as outside temperatures drop into the teens. Here are more facts to know about heat pumps.

  • Heat source: Heat pumps transfer warmth from either the air or the ground into your home. An air-source unit does not require drilling into the ground and is installed outside like a traditional air conditioner.
  • SEER versus HSPF: The seasonal energy efficiency rating relates to the unit’s efficiency while cooling. The heating seasonal performance factor tells you how efficiently the unit heats your home.
  • Backup heat: For the coldest days and nights, you may need a backup heat source. Pair it with a gas furnace for excellent energy efficiency even during the worst ice storms.
  • Maintenance: Because a heat pump runs throughout the year, it endures more wear and tear than separate heating and cooling units do. Stay on top of routine maintenance to get the longest possible life from the system.

Heat Pump Installation

Choosing the right installer is just as important as choosing the right equipment. The installer must accurately calculate the correct size unit for your space. If you are converting from a traditional forced air system, your home may also require changes to the ductwork.

To learn more about the features and benefits of heat pumps, check out Ful-Bro Heating & Air’s heating and cooling solutions or call (678) 369-0500.

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