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How Our Technicians Keep Your AC Working Its Best

When you live in Metro Atlanta, nothing is more critical to your indoor comfort than a great AC system. Precision tune-ups from the pros at Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning keep it running in tip-top condition. Our 16-point checkups go far beyond simply changing the filters. We’re not satisfied until we’re sure that everything is operating at peak efficiency. Here are just some of the ways our service technicians secure your comfort with AC maintenance.

Checks and Balances

Refrigerant is the magic brew that allows your cooling systems to extract heat from the air. Too much or too little refrigerant decreases performance and increases energy costs. With our AC service, refrigerant levels are inspected and adjusted as necessary. Other system checks include:

  • Thermostat settings and controls are tested to verify that the system starts, runs and shuts off correctly.
  • Electrical connections are tightened as needed, voltage is measured and wiring is scrutinized for shorts and wear.
  • Moving parts like bearings and belts are examined to ensure that everything works seamlessly without friction.

Keeping It Clean

Your air conditioner is your first defense against airborne dust and allergens. The cleaning tasks performed during an AC tune-up help you breathe easier while protecting critical equipment from damage. Air conditioners remove moisture as well as heat from the air. That makes it a top priority to ensure that the coils, drain pan and condensate line are kept clean. This helps optimize the system’s cooling capacity and safeguards your home from water damage too.

All About Airflow

When it comes to central AC systems, the ducts you count on for cooling comfort demand special attention. It’s vital to ensure that the air pressure between the supply and return channels are accurately balanced. Ductwork problems not only impair your comfort but impact your wallet too. Airflow issues can reduce system efficiency by as much as 15 percent.

The Ful-Bro Difference

In addition to our 16-point checklist, Ful-Bro AC maintenance includes a free pleated filter, priority scheduling and a 10-percent discount on future services. For more information about optimizing your cooling system, check out our AC Services or call 678-369-0500.

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