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Things You Need to Make Your Own Indoor Air Quality Monitor

As a homeowner in the Sandy Springs, GA area, you know the importance of keeping the air inside your home as clean and healthy as possible. If your household includes someone with asthma or another condition that is aggravated by poor air quality, maintaining a healthy environment becomes even more critical. Here are three things you need to construct your own air quality monitor.

Raspberry Pi

While it may sound like a delicious dessert, a Raspberry Pi is a small computer that programmers and inventors use to make their creations into reality. Using the Raspberry Pi with an electronics board called a GrovePi, you can create a tool for monitoring the air quality in your home. In turn, the data you collect can help you give your family a cleaner environment. If you have to bring in a professional later on, you can share this information with them as well.

Gas Sensors

Next, you need a set of gas sensors to connect to the GrovePi. The kind of sensors you choose depends on what you are measuring. Some measure multiple types of gases in different ranges and some types of sensors also measure temperature and humidity. Once you know what you want to monitor, you can set the sensors to give you an alert when something is out of range.

Remote-Controlled Switch

The last step is to connect a properly functioning remote-controlled switch. This component can turn off or on any devices connected to it. When the sensor alerts you that air quality is low, you can activate tools, such as a vent or fan, to dispel the gases and reduce the concentration in the air.

For just a few dollars and hours of your time, you can monitor the air quality in your house and take steps to improve it. However, if you try these tips and don’t get the results you want, call Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. at 678-369-0500. Our team can provide a professional assessment of your home.

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