The Cor Thermostat from Carrier has been one of the most innovative products of the last year in the HVAC industry, providing homeowners with high-tech system management that is easy to understand. Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015, the unit provides smart programming options, remote interaction capability, and access to important data both from the home and community for measuring system performance.

Contemporary Connectivity

The touchscreen of the Cor Thermostat is intuitive and attractive, making it easy to view information or make programming adjustments on the spot. However, the Wi-Fi connectivity of this unit allows you to make similar adjustments from a wireless device or computer. You might want to turn up the heat before getting out of bed on an icy winter’s morning, or you might need to extend your vacation programming because of a delay in your travel plans. Cor provides you with the ability to easily make these adjustments and more.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency Potential

You don’t need to wait until your energy bill arrives to figure out how efficient your HVAC system has been. Visual reports of energy use are available through your computer or wireless apps. You can also obtain recommendations for saving even more energy. Local comparisons allow you to see how your own energy consumption measures up against that of other Cor users. Meanwhile, this system control can help you to keep up with important maintenance tasks related to energy efficiency. For example, it can provide reminders to change your air filter, humidifier pad, or UV lamp bulb according to recent use or based on your fixed schedule for changes.

Take Control of Your HVAC Performance

At Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we are happy to help our customers save significantly as they achieve comfortable indoor conditions throughout the year. Learn more about our range of equipment services and solutions, or contact us at 678-369-0500 to learn more about products like the Cor Thermostat.

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