When a cold snap descends upon Atlanta, GA, HVAC systems jump into overdrive to keep our homes cozy, comfortable and clean. Without proper winter preparation and maintenance, your system will be working overtime to generate heat efficiently. To ensure that stress points don’t create preventable problems, pay attention to these three signs that furnace repairs may be on horizon:

Unusual Sounds

Loud banging, high-pitched squealing, or unusual noises signal that something has broken off, slipped, or worn out. Another common sound of distress is rapid clicking. This may signal a defective relay, worn bearing, or loose fan. When the system turns on but immediately shuts off, you may simply need to clean the sensors. However, this issue could be a warning that the ignitor switch is malfunctioning.

Rusty Patches

Rust eats away at metal, which eventually results in dangerous cracks and leaks. Carefully inspect the outside of the furnace and ductwork and then remove the access panel to examine the inside components. If you spot large patches, then you’ll want to seek professional HVAC services to repair venting issues, replace a damaged heat exchanger, or seal gaps that are allowing moisture and dust to accumulate.

Stinky Smells

It is normal for a dormant furnace to have a musty odor when first firing up, but smells resembling rotten eggs, melting rubber, sewage, or electrical burning often indicate that a serious problem needs immediate attention. A trained HVAC technician will be able to track down the cause of the problem whether it is a cracked component, excess dust, or air intake contamination.

You can minimize costly furnace repairs by signing up for an affordable maintenance agreement plan with Ful-Bro Heating and Air Conditioning. During the extensive 16-point inspections, your NATE-certified technician checks, cleans, and tunes your system so that it continues to operate at maximum efficiency. Reach out to us at (678) 369-0500 to book your appointment today.

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